Antares Guerena

Los Cabos, Mexico[BIT Records México / In4mation records/ Nurvous]

Antares Guerena, is one of the best talents on the art of djing in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Born in La paz and raised in Los Cabos, B.C.S.

Started djing in 1991 professionally and haven't stopped ever since.

Learned music engineering, keyboard, acoustic and electric guitar at G Martell & Veerkamp Music Academies while studied and finish college degree on international import export business in Mexico City 1997-2001.

He has been catalogued as one of the most important part on the foundation for the house music scene in Los Cabos Area.

Producing, promoting and Djing on his own parties since 2003 and other festivals.

Worked as a promoter and resident dj for Club Passion & Nikki Beach, Cabo San Lucas for more than 5 years.

Music styles goes from Indie, Nudisco & Deep House with vocal touches.

Specialist on pool parties & afterhours with the genres House, Deep, Techouse, Progresive House and Techno music

Past Discography [dj antares & antaresdj]:

“Lost in Los Cabos” (Iberican Records, Spain), “Finisterra” (Display Recordings, France), “Pescadero Beach” (Peanut Music,Spain) “Dustbowl” (BIT Records Mexico), “Jewels Of Life” (Suite Records, Mexico), “Cirios Valley” (Quarter Life Records, NY), ¨Dubailand¨(BIT Records Mexico). Made Remixes for Paco Buggin “Soledad” (Infinity Mind Recs, Chicago), Karl Kage “Perfect Motion” (24 Beats Recordings,Spain), Paco Navarro-D-Kristo-Andy D “Afrikali (24 Beats Recordings,Spain) Ihab Sameh “Complete Control” (Kansak Recs, Mexico), Chris Vargas- Andy Spinelli “7 Days & 1 Week 2010” (24 Beats Recordings, Spain), The Painkillers “Get High” (Xela Digital, Mexico), Karl Kage “Pearl River” (24 Beats Recordings, Spain), Ladies On Mars “Promiscuas” (Xela Digital, Mexico), Dj Maycon Schramm feat Japa Kikuchi ¨Somebody¨ (BIT Records Mexico), Devin Vask ¨Energy¨(Quarter Life Records, NY), Vahid & Parsa ¨In your mind¨ (System Recordings) ,Monica X ¨Fu... P*ta¨(Sex in the house digital, Spain).

Latest Discography:

Monica X ¨Fucking Puta" (Antares Guerena remix) [Sex in the house digital, Spain]
Grass is Greener(Sergei & Ebar) "Start Again" (Antares Guerena Remix) [Nurvous Records NYC]
Antares Guerena - Solaris EP. [Bit Records Mexico]
Antares Guerena - Dahlia EP. [In4mation records]

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